Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dogman & Bigfoot with Linda Godfrey - 9/15/13 7PMEST

Join us Sunday as we talk about Dogman & Bigfoot with renowned Cryptid investigator and author, Linda Godfrey.
An award-winning  newspaper reporter, she has appeared on many TV and radio shows. As a journalist, she was the first to break the chilling story of the werewolf-like creature said to lurk in farms and forests of southern Wisconsin, thus coining the term “The Beast of Bray Road." She has been investigating and interviewing Dogman and Bigfoot witnesses for the last 20 years and is truly a pillar of the industry. She is also an artist, who has done illustrations for her books.

You can check out her blog here: http://lindagodfrey.com/

Linda comes on at about the 20:45 spot.
Listen here:

Show airs at 7PM EST 6C 5M 4P