Friday, February 21, 2014

Bigfoot Researcher: Michael Phillips 2/23/14 7PM EST

Join us Sunday as we talk with Colorado Bigfoot researcher, Michael Phillips. Michael has been looking for Bigfoot since he was a kid growing up on Lookout Mountain.  As an outdoorsman and bow hunter he has an eye for tracks and has had some interesting encounters.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cryptid Encounters - 2/16/14 7PM EST

Join us Sunday as we talk with people who have had encounters with Bigfoot & other Cryptids. Feel free to call in and tell us your story. We will be having Mike Leone on for the first hour of the show talking about his encounter with Bigfoot that occurred in Oregon. Mike will also be on Finding Bigfoot Sunday night for the season finale.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Special Guest: Bruce Barraclough Jr - 2/9/14 7PM EST

Join us Sunday evening as we talk with Bruce Barraclough.
Bruce was born and raised in New York and is the founder and lead investigator of (NEAR) North Eastern Anomalous Research. Bruce spends most of his spare time exploring phenomena such as Cryptozoology, Ufology, and Parapsychology, as well as traveling state to state helping others get validation to their claims. He listens to many persons accounts of the unknown and without a second thought is there to provide a helping hand, knowledge, and most of all to discover the truth. Bruce has had experiences at a young age in both the Spiritual nature and Cryptid nature and without anywhere to turn for answers, and in fear of being ridiculed, he stored the events deep within him; pursuing answers alone for many years. In late 2009 with a burst of passion he decided to form North Eastern Anomalous Research. Bruce states as follows- “We as researchers need to respect one another to gain the respect of the public and world in order to take our research to the next level.” Bruce is also the founder and Host of Near Skeptics and Believers Radio. He is currently writing a book about the truths, passion, hard work, and dedication it takes within the Paranormal, Cryptozoology, and UFOlogy field from a researchers perspective, as well as filming a DVD series about all things unknown.